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We have been all too accustomed to the throw away lifestyle. If something doesn’t work, throw it out and buy a new one. Because of this behavior our landfills are filling at a rapid rate and electronic waste has become the one of the largest pollution generators. So why don’t we just fix it?!

Peter Mui, from the Bay Area, started this idea of Fixit Clinics because the biggest items that are disposed of right now are electronic devices and textiles that need a simple repair/mend, but it is so much easier to toss and buy than to try to fix. By creating what he likes to describe as do-it-together disassembly at local libraries and/or makerspaces, he brought together the community of tradespeople to share their skills with their fellow neighbors on how to troubleshoot and repair their appliances, clothes, electronics (the list can be endless) at these hands-on clinics. This program has been adopted nationwide and has received overwhelming support in every community.

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The City of San Diego has adopted the Zero Waste Plan. While recycling is a great alternative to properly disposing of broken and unwanted material, it should be the last resort, not the first. In efforts to help meet our Zero Waste goals, Zero Waste San Diego launched the first SD Fix-it Clinic in 2016. By providing a venue and opportunity to learn to fix broken materials, and teach a man-to-fish mentality, we are helping our environment and teaching a new skill to potentially the next generation.

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SD Fixit Clinic at Bonita-Sunnyside Branch Library

📢Rather fix your items instead of discarding them? Save money, learn new skills, and meet new people at the San Diego Fixit Clinic on July 13th from 10 AM to...

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Bonita-Sunnyside Branch Library, 4375 Bonita Rd
Bonita, CA 91902 United States
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San Diego Fixit Clinic in Valley Center

📢Rather fix your items instead of discarding them? Save money, learn new skills, and meet new people at the San Diego Fixit Clinic on August 10 from 10 AM to...

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Valley Center Branch Library, 29200 Cole Grade Rd
Valley Center, California 92082 United States
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Back to School with San Diego Fixit Clinic in Carlsbad

It’s back to school time! Join the San Diego Fixit Clinic in the City of Carlsbad on August 17, 2024! Repair your beloved items, and enjoy crafting upcycled tote bags...

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Carlsbad City Dove Library, 1775 Dove Ln
Carlsbad, California 92011 United States
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This program is perfect for retired tradespeople, veterans and just handy individuals to share their skills with the community and allowing pre-teens and teens become assistance or apprentices to the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Coaches we will recruit. This is an ideal inter-generational program that works with seniors and veterans and potential partnership within the County of San Diego.

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